What is LiveDocx?

LogoLiveDocx is a template-based document creation platform.

It allows developers to create word processing documents by combining user-defined Microsoft Word templates with data from disparate data sources, such as XML files and databases. It is typically used to create professional, print-ready word processing documents in DOCX, DOC, RTF and PDF.

LiveDocx is a Web Service that can be easily integrated into any web application without installing or configuring any software on your server. Currently, the following programming languages are supported:

  • PHP

As LiveDocx is strictly based on open standards, it is simple to add support for more programming languages. As long as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is available on the client-side system, LiveDocx runs on all operating systems and in all programming languages.

The following diagram illustrates the basic flow of data:

LiveDocx basic functionality

A template can be uploaded to the LiveDocx platform together with data for the merge process. After LiveDocx created the document, this file can be downloaded or shared with other users.

Typical LiveDocx Applications

Using LiveDocx, developers can merge data with Microsoft Word templates into one print-ready, word processing document.

For example, the sales department of an enterprise can access constantly fluctuating sales data that is stored in a centralized location and combine it with a richly formatted template to programmatically produce a set of sales reports. The resulting word processing documents can be sent by e-mail, fax or snail mail to their recipients.

Similarly, telephone companies can deploy LiveDocx to generate customer invoices. All connection information and billing information is stored in one centralized customer database. Selected data is assigned to LiveDocx and combined with a standardized template to produce the resulting invoice.


  • Populate templates with data from any data source (DB, XML, CSV).
  • Build mail merge or mass-mail applications.
  • Generate customized documents on-the-fly with constantly changing data.
  • Generate print ready PDF documents, with multiple security settings.
  • Share your created documents or
  • Integrate them into your web site using the LiveDocx widget.

Advantages of the LiveDocx Client/Server Architecture

As LiveDocx reduces document generation to the absolute lowest common denominator, its deployment also lowers the total cost of document creation. Developers no longer need to worry about installing and maintaining 3rd party tools or applications on their servers. They simply call LiveDocx over the Internet, using a very simple API.

Typically, printer drivers, fonts and licenses need to be installed, maintained and administered when programmatically generating word processing documents on a server. Using LiveDocx, this load is shifted from the developer to a team of professional server administrators.

Developers are thus free to concentrate on building world-class applications and not be hassled by the mundane work associated with sever administration.

Thanks to its modulate and open architecture, LiveDocx can be easily integrated into existing work flow systems, using most programming languages.


  • Deploy in a multi-programing language environment.
  • Substantially reduce server load and consequently total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Simple integration into existing systems.
  • Decrease server maintenance.